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Market stall at Barge East, delicious baked goods


I've been baking for as long as I can remember and it's been quite a journey. I left school unsure what path I should take and started baking for fun to pass the time, when all my friends wizzed of to go to university.


I started out as 'Lia's Cupcake Creations' back in 2011 selling hundreds of cupcakes to cafes and all my original customers back in Glasgow. What started as cupcakes then became large cakes, weddings cakes, corporate cupcakes, brownies, rocky roads, millionaires and much more and so 'Baked By Lia'  was born, to represent all the delicious bakes I am now making!

I attend markets when I can because I LOVE being outside meeting all you lovely people. I am currently based in East London, in Leyton, just off Francis Road. I hope I can make you something delicious soon, thanks for stopping by,

Lia x 

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